Contrapuntal Texture Generator

What is contrapuntal texture?


A contrapuntal texture isn't exactly music in that the pitch sequences don't repeat. Repetition and variation along with harmonic modulation are the key features of all baroque and common practice music. The generator will effectively spin out interweaving melodic lines as long as is specified and these, having some component of randomness, will probably not repeat although the rhythms of the melodies often will. The idea is that you generate a particularly "catchy" texture, which then can be subjected to variations/repetitions in order to form a piece of "real" music. The chord progression you hear is itself a melody, determined largely by the harmonic rhythm.

What does the generator do?


The generator is a music box that generates a contrapuntal texture based on number and pitch-range of melodies, choice of melodic mode, choice of rhythm "mode", and the degree to which the user wishes to emphasize certain rules, possibly at the expense of others.


The output can go directly to the default midi synthesizer on the computer (in which case it will sound like a piano) or it can be routed to a DAW or to a stand-alone audio generator. The output can be played back immediately or sent to a queue which can then be played back at a future time.



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